Do we need more clarity about CIPD qualifications?

Do we need more clarity about CIPD qualifications?

So enter my slightly troubled candidate… Her route to achieving PAC had not been smooth. Cullen Scholefield helped her gain PAC and she became a Chartered Member of CIPD. All should therefore be smooth sailing? Perhaps not…. Enter the opportunity for a new role in her organisation – exciting!

The Compassionate Leader

Cullen Scholefield’s Managing Director, Maureen Scholefield, will be leading the discussion on this subject at this month’s Circle of Peers meetings. Entitled “The Compassionate Leader”, Maureen will be sharing the latest trends and research, and discussing how those leaders who can demonstrate a more self-aware, emotionally-intelligent, holistic and empathic approach to their business and their people generate more engagement, loyalty, productivity and financial returns for their business.

Not just valuing talent but valuing YOUR talent

At Cullen Scholefield we are very aware and supportive of the new initiative ‘Valuing your Talent’ which is made up of bodies such as the CIPD, CMI, RSA and so on and so on.  The initiative was launched at the end of last year and has been picking up...