CIPD Level 3 Foundation Qualification – the ideal starting point.

Who is the Level 3 Foundation for ?

The Level 3 Foundation qualifications are ideal for those new to Human Resources (HR) or Learning and Development (LD).

They are also very relevant for managers who wish to develop their people management skills.

To achieve your desired qualification you will need to accumulate unit credits, which are dependent on the units you select.

There are three qualification options available, based on the credits attained.

  • Award
  • Certificate
  • Diploma

Additionally, achieving the Certificate or Diploma allows you to automatically become an Associate Member of CIPD.

HR or LD ?

Choose the Units to suit the qualification you want – Human Resources or Learning and Development.

Click for the full CIPD unit specifications in HRP or L&D or scroll below for quick unit overviews.

I could do it all through distance learning. This was the main thing for me. I didn’t have to go to London.

I absolutely loved Maureen. She was so helpful, just perfect. Thank you very very much, for all the hard work and patience you’ve had, and getting me through it as quick as you did.

Hanna McGuffie

Central Laundry Limited, Level 3 Foundation Diploma in HR

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The Units you must take, and the ones you can choose.

Core Units

All specified for your pathway (HRP or L&D) must be taken to achieve the Certificate or Diploma.

Optional Units for HR Practice

  • 28 unit credits are required for the Certificate in HR Practice
  • An additional 9 unit credits are required for the Diploma in HR Practice
  • A maximum of 6 unit credits can be selected from the L&D Practice Optional Units

Please click here for the HRP unit listing.

Optional Units for LD Practice

  • 26 Core unit credits are required for the Certificate in L&D
  • An additional 12 Optional unit credits are required for the Diploma in L&D

Please click here for the L&D unit listing.

Changing environment processes and increased business are always challenges and will continue into 2014 so I now have a better understanding of HR processes and desire to progress further.

The approach was flexible, I was able to complete the qualification in 6 months due to being given opportunity to work at my own speed.

Amy Slater

Learning and Development Adviser, Thales Training and Consultancy, Certificate in HR Practice

The Level 3 Foundation Qualification at a glance


Achieve a unit to gain either an

  • Award in HR Essentials or
  • Award in LD Essentials


Achieve 28 unit credits (HRP) or 26 unit credits (L&D).

Depending on your choice of pathway you will gain a

  • Certificate in HR Practice or
  • Certificate in L&D Practice


Achieve 38 unit credits (HRP) or 37 unit credits (L&D).

Depending on your choice of pathway you will gain a

  • Diploma in HR Practice or
  • Diploma in L&D Practice

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Then you may be able to start your CIPD Qualification Programme at Level 7 Advanced.
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