One Day Programme: Values Based Decision Making

Values Based Decision Making

A core skill for People Professionals

Aim:  This one-day workshop on ethical and values-based decision-making gives leaders and decision-makers the tools to identify risk and apply a values-based approach to decision-making.  It will enable you to make decisions based on values, not beliefs, so enabling sound judgement to achieve the best outcome.


The programme will be delivered via a mix of activities ranging from presentations and interactive discussion of ideas and approaches by participants to action learning.  You will leave the programme with an action plan and a set of tools and techniques to support it.


At the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Articulate the benefits of values-based decision making to your organisation
  • Apply a values based decision-making model to situations involving risk, resulting in sound rationale and defensible decision-making from legal, grievance or complaint-based issues or litigation
  • Apply a values-based approach to moral dilemmas resulting in being able to make the right decision; thereby doing the right thing rather than simply doing the thing right
  • Explain the need to develop common values or principles when working across partnerships or on cross-company projects to ensure a cohesive response to values-based decisions across multiple companies with differing mission statements, values or organisational cultures
  • Plan for the implementation of a values based decision-making approach
Dates and Timings

Individual fees available on request – please enquire about group booking discounts.

Starting at 09:30 and finishing at 16:30


Tuesday 18th February 2020


Tuesday 28th January 2020




Tuesday 28th January 2020


Tuesday 18th February 2020


Facilitator:  Wesley Trickey