The “Nine Box Grid” seems to be invincible! How can a tool that was developed in the late
1960s still be going strong? If HR is to be all about processes that are not transparent we are
doomed to become nothing more than a transactional service that will be subsumed by the
finance department. No disrespect intended towards CFO’s. I believe that CPO’s need to be
a bit out there in the wild new world where HR is indeed dead and we focus on working with
our people.

To get you thinking have a read of Deb Calvert’s succinct critique:

Also read the Executive Summary of Roffey Park’s Is the Nine Box Grid all about being in the top

People Professionals need to think the unthinkable with lateral and zig zagged career paths
that are supported by Talent Specialists working closely with Leaders and Managers to keep a
constant focus on continuing development.

If we are to meet the twin challenges of retention and skills gaps we really need to shape up
and abandon processes that do not add value. We have a wealth of experience across so
many sectors – think about asking us to work alongside you to find a better, more transparent
way of harnessing your people power.

Please let us know your thoughts on the nine box grid within your organisation below.

By Maureen Scholefield. People Strategist, Mentor to many, Skilled Facilitator, Speaker and Managing Director at Cullen Scholefield. Chartered Fellow CIPD, Fellow RSA and Honorary Member of City & Guilds.


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