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Shifting Tides

‘Coaching Techniques’


As part of our focus this year on ‘Shifting Tides’, our Spring Series will overview the topic of coaching techniques. We’ll have an open discussion around how best to lay the groundwork and culture, factoring in standards from both the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Given the timing, we’ve looked to the older use of the word for a topical metaphor…that of coronation coaches and the coronation of Charles III! In the past the Gold State Coach of 1762 carried all of the weight – it looks the part, but is delicate, notoriously uncomfortable and too heavy to be used at speed. The modern Diamond Jubilee State Coach of 2014 will also factor in the upcoming events. It has a lightweight modern body, is climate controlled to suit different environments and preferences, features modern suspension to avoid discomfort, yet remains striking and effective. And needless to say, it draws in material relics from different aspects of history. Has coaching in our sense followed the same trajectory?

What is the Circle of Peers?

Circle of Peers was launched in 2007. We recognised that People Professionals valued opportunities to meet and exchange experiences. These events also provide a support mechanism for our candidates.

Circle of Peers events are good for People Professionals who give so much to others and yet do not take care of themselves.

If you’re thinking about getting a qualification with us, these events are also ideal to meet us, get to know us and ask us questions in depth.

During Covid, we moved to offering the events on Zoom, which now provides the main focus in addition to our face to face events. This has proved to be very popular especially as our audience now has a global reach. Why not come along on a date that suits you?

Maureen Scholefield on the vision for the Circle of Peers…

Our Virtual Format

The Circle of Peers: Virtual is designed to provide the chance to participate in stimulating and topical discussions and presentations using Zoom. With a maximum of 4 breakout rooms with a maximum of 6 peers in each room. We meet under Chatham House Rules to share, support, and where appropriate learn from each other.

The aims of these meetings are to:

  • Enjoy presentations from industry leading People Professionals
  • Bounce around ideas
  • Discuss problems and share solutions
  • Share successes and pitfalls in different approaches

Tickets to our Circle of Peers events are offered on a complimentary basis, but we do offer the limited places on a first come, first served basis, so please reserve your place as soon as you can.

Events & Upcoming Dates

Summer Series TBC

Spring Series 2023: Circle of Peers

All times are GMT/UTC, session length 2 hours

Timeslot #1: Thurs 11th May 16:00
Timeslot #2: Wed 17th May, 15:00
Timeslot #3: Thurs 25th May 10:30


We run our sessions remotely via Zoom unless stated otherwise.

Photos from some of our past events

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What made you book onto our Circle of Peers: Virtual?

I have been attending the Circle of Peers both virtually and face to face for many years. Particularly now I am working in consultancy I find it really useful to meet with other People Professionals and discuss current topics.

Karen Phillips, People Development Manager

PCL People Perspectives

How did you find the format of the Circle of Peers: Virtual?

The initial presentation, encapsulating a variety of thoughts from leading academics coupled with on the job experience was a useful icebreaker and thought stimulator for group discussion.

Norman Webster, Cabinet Member for Community

Mid Sussex District Council

How did you find the format of the Circle of Peers: Virtual?

Lovely friendly people. Felt a safe environment.

Kate Rotheroe, Workforce and Culture Development Officer

Isle of Man Government

What made you book onto our Circle of Peers: Virtual?

I like to attend these whenever I can – good to be with like-minded individuals from across the world and share experiences and thoughts, no matter what the topic.

Alex Mitchell, HR Adviser

Canada Life International Limited

How did you find the topic presentation?

It is really great to hear Maureen’s thoughts and she has a knack of getting messages and suggestions across in a calm and easy to understand way.

Karen Duckworth, Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Swagelok Limited

How did you find the format of the Circle of Peers: Virtual?

The duration was just right, with input, a break, group discussion and then feedback.

Sometimes sessions can go on for too long but I thought this was timed just perfectly and it all worked really well.

Alvin Attry, Financial Systems & Service Desk Manager

London Borough of Hackney

What made you book onto our Circle of Peers: Virtual?

Have been on them previously and really enjoyed learning about other people’s organisations; what they are up to, the issues being faced and different ideas implemented.

Charlotte Page, People Services Manager

Natilik Limited

Attendees describe what they gained from the Circle of Peers…

Wilson Wong, Head of Futures and Insight, CIPD
Amanda Humphrey, Director of Support Services, Roffey Park

Maureen is not only passionate about pushing the boundaries of HR thinking but also very knowledgeable. I have always admired her advocacy of and contribution to the CIPD qualification standards and this shines through in all of her presentations.

Maureen continues to encourage HR professionals to challenge our working practices, providing us with insights gleaned from her reading and research. We all really appreciate your time and giving us space for ourselves at the Circle of Peers meetings.

Gill Whensley

HR Director, Kreston Reeves LLP

Maureen runs excellent sessions at Circle of Peers where highly relevant and current topics are discussed that are important to HR professionals. The sessions usually bring some interesting people and I find this forum and the exchange of ideas very useful.

Maureen is an excellent facilitator and has the knack of getting people to think more widely deeply about their work.

Brian Duggan

Senior Business Development Consultant, PMMS Consulting Group

Our Face to Face Formats

Circle of Peers Casual Logo


Share, inform, update.

Our concept of Circle of Peers works in formal and less formal situations, so the aims of Circle of Peers Casual meetings are to:

  • Share ideas, concepts and experiences
  • Formulate approaches, formulate models of good practice
  • Inform and update each other

Network and extend personal contacts in similar and different sectors. This is just what Circle of Peers Casual is designed to do!

Venues include:

  • The Wine Bar at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London
  • Bar George, Douglas, Isle of Man
  • Bianca’s Restaurant, Gibraltar
  • The Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai, UAE

It is casual so we will be happy to see you for a quick or lengthy drink!

Circle of Peers Collaborative Logo


It’s good to talk…

With up to the minute presentations from industry professionals and group discussions, we meet under the ‘Chatham House Rule’ to share, support, and where appropriate, learn from each other.

We all know that bouncing ideas, discussing problems and sharing solutions in a safe environment helps us to hone the ultimate plan. Finding that someone else has tried that particular approach and can share the successes and the pitfalls is of incalculable value, saving time, money and that all important stress factor.


We partner with our past and current clients in the People industry, offering insights into a wide range of interesting businesses.

Circle of Peers Confidential Logo


There are times when it’s lonely at the top.

It is difficult to know who you can talk to inside an organisation.  Cullen Scholefield are well placed to offer objective and sound advice in a safe and confidential environment.  In the over 35 years we have been working with managers and HR professionals we have always listened to and supported our clients.

So we can…

  • Listen
  • Act as sounding boards
  • Reflect back
  • Offer advice
  • Generate ideas
  • Provide interim support
  • Work on short projects
  • Facilitate that “interesting” session
  • Connect you to others

If this is how we can help you, please email in strict confidence to:

As an HR executive in South Africa, you were very much part of the subsidiary board, strategic development of key values and key drivers for the company. HR is an integral part of that. It’s not a grudge purchase.

Networking from an HR perspective is very important. I’ve never been one that only focused on HR. I’ve always believed in cross-functionality, so that’s why I like meeting new people. As an HR person, you need that holistic view.

Jane Normann

Human Resources Director, Dolby Vivisol

Maureen always has an interesting collection of people that come along and it’s a very useful networking opportunity. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to exchange ideas.

We have a seasonal workforce, and trying to make sure they get supported with the resources that we have can sometimes be tricky. A lot will come back year after year. We’ve had people for 20+ years!

Julia Murray Logue

Head of Human Resources, Glyndebourne