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ILM Leadership & Management Level 7
Understand the principles and practice of strategic leadership.
Develop yourself as a leader.

Who is the ILM Level 7 Leadership & Management for ?

This qualification is for executive or operational managers at senior level in an organisation, particularly if your abilities lie in managing processes not people.  Develop the skills you need to be a confident and effective leader at this level.

Focus on the skills that you need

You can take this qualification as an Award, Certificate or Diploma.

At Award level,  there are two mandatory units.

  • Leadership in practice will help you analyse leadership in your organisation, in the light of leadership models and theories
  • Developing the reflective leader aims to give you the skills to understand, evaluate and improve yourself as a leader.

The Certificate builds on the Award adding a selection of optional units and another mandatory unit.

  • The leadership journey will give you the tools to take responsibility for your own growth and development as a leader.

The Diploma is a comprehensive qualification for high-level leaders.  It offers a wide range of optional units and an additional mandatory unit

  • Leading change in organisations this focuses on choosing and using effective leadership styles and strategies to lead change in your organisation.
The Result for You

You will be able to

  • Critically evaluate different theories of leadership
  • Analyse a critical incident with a potentially significant impact on an organisation to judge how the organisation’s leaders perform
  • Give you the tools to understand, assess and improve your leadership abilities, in the context of your organisation
The Benefits to employers and organisations
  • Senior managers who understand strategic leadership in the context of your organisation
  • Senior managers who are self-aware and take responsibility for self-development
  • Gives a range of optional units so that the qualification can be tailored to meet your needs – close skills gaps and assist in succession planning.



It gave me a basis on which to work off. It was a good decision.

I understand the terminology and theoretical models much better than I did before.

For me, there was something about working with a local organization that was very important.

Cullen Scholefield deal with people in a very adult manner. They respect you have a day job and are very busy and they have allowed me to develop at my own pace.

The flexible approach was more important to me than I knew at the time. The changes that I had meant it took me a lot longer. There was lots of stuff going on. I couldn’t take it all on at once.

Carol can put you at rest straight away. She could give me more self-belief in my academic ability.

What I’ve learned through the qualification was great and is really useful for my work, but a bit of self belief, especially meeting people who have PhDs.

I wouldn’t use the letter after my name, but the qualification underpins who I am.

I’m considering coaching next.

Thanks Carol for not being on my case when I didn’t get work through to you on the day I said I would.

Kerry Moody

Leadership Programme Manager, NHS Kent, Surrey & Sussex, Leadership Collaborative, Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Leadership

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