We are really impressed with the CIPD webpage on the Coronavirus and urge you if you have not already done so, to visit https://www.cipd.co.uk/news-views/coronavirus   Their excellent research is now available to members and non-members alike during this crisis.  We highly commend it.  Well done CIPD!


We are expert listeners and over the last 33 years have worked through many crises.  We know that this is a time where managers, leaders and people professionals are most pressed as they need to present a calm, rational view of the situation.

Cullen Scholefield operates differently.  This has come from years of practice when we decided to adopt flexible working in all its many guises.  For over a decade we have been working in ways that organisations are now being forced to consider.  This flexible way of working encompasses our people, our candidates and our clients, so for us there is no real change.

As you face challenging times for your people and your organisation, we are conscious that you might welcome a quiet conversation.  It may be a need to just talk to an experienced person for ideas, or it maybe you just need to vent, we understand!

What we can do is offer you professional, measured and impartial advice and if you like, work with you on solutions specifically designed for your organisation.  Perhaps you were well overdue to reassess internal business practices anyway and now is the time to try to use the disruption productively.


You may also want to re-evaluate your whole career as a result of the ‘interesting’ behaviours of leaders who are money focused rather than people focused and you are beginning to feel uneasy on an ethical front. It would appear that leaders are not following the example of Gary Neville with his magnificent offer to his staff and the NHS.  In which case why not take advantage of booking one of our free Respect Reviews

We have never believed in the one size never fits all approach to our clients and will always tailor a project based upon the close assessment of our clients’ needs.  Our approach is focused and pragmatic, based on a desire to understand the unique needs of each of our clients, and the underpinning values, culture and ethos of that organisation.

We also practice what we preach.  In recognition of the passion and commitment Cullen Scholefield has to people development, we have been awarded the Investors in People Gold Standard three times in 2010, 2013 and 2016 and in 2019 were awarded Platinum.  We have also been recognised by Investors in People in 2017 as being one of the best Gold Standard organisations in the 2 – 49 employee category.

So, we are here to help!  We can offer you a friendly ear, impartial advice, or more – the choice is yours!

Stay safe and stay well!


33 years of experience offering our clients a bespoke service

Maureen Scholefield is Managing Director of Cullen Scholefield (founded 1986). Maureen is an HR strategist and well renowned speaker with a wide range of experience in many different sectors. This enables her to provide our clients with creative and pragmatic ideas to resolve their management and people issues.

Maureen is a great believer in leading by example and her People skills are delivered in a consultative style, encouraging independence with a deep belief in the praise rather than blame culture. She is passionate about developing people and believes in the value of engaged people and the impact they have on growth. She believes that challenging traditional management methods to ensure collaboration is at the heart of all vibrant enterprises.

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  1. Evarist

    Maureen is more than i can speak. She has passionate for HR and loves what she does.
    Keep that spirit


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