CIPD Level 7 Advanced Qualification – take your HR career to new heights.

Who is the Level 7 Advanced for ?
The Level 7 Advanced qualifications are ideal for those who wish to become Chartered Members or Chartered Fellows of CIPD. They are also very relevant for managers and HR professionals who wish to develop their people management skills. To achieve your desired qualification you will need to complete modules; all modules have 15 credits. There are three qualification options available, based on the credits attained.

  • Award
  • Certificate
  • Diploma

Additionally, achieving the Certificate allows you to automatically become an Associate Member of CIPD. In order to become a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow you need to gain 120 credits – 8 modules.

HRM or HRD ?
Choose the modules to suit the qualification you want – Human Resources Management or Human Resources Development.

We recommend starting with the optional modules as this gives you a good grounding prior to commencing on the core modules.

Click for the full CIPD module specification or scroll below for quick module overviews.

When I was thinking of which provider to go with, Cullen Scholefield, came top because of the flexibility that they provide.

They’re always going to be there for you.

You can pick up the phone, if you’re in Abu Dhabi, Singapore or London and talk things through.

Ann Makus

HR Business Partner, Future Cities Catapult, Advanced Diploma in HRM

It was a nice experience and the tutors were so helpful, and it worked for me, so I didn’t shop around. They were my first choice.

The qualification was really important to me. To me, it wasn’t so much about progressing and becoming an HR Director. It was because I never went to University and never had a degree, so it was more about my self belief, and I have gained that. I know I can do it, I’ve done it well.

Karen Coulson

Learning and Development Specialist, Willis Group, Advanced Diploma in HRD

What makes us special?
  • We offer a unique one to one coaching relationship with your adviser who is available to discuss more than just the programme you are taking.
  • You will be supported by our small, tight knit team who see you as an individual and not just another person to be processed.
  • You will benefit from the experience of our advisers who are all Chartered Fellows of CIPD.
  • Your advisor can be contacted by phone, Skype or Slack.
  • You will be able to choose from every unit and every module – so your qualification can be tailored to what’s relevant to you!
  • We don’t have set start dates so you can start at a time that is convenient to you.
  • We offer the most flexible means of study so you don’t have to miss work and can learn at your own pace.
  • You get access to our Slack channels where you can get help from your fellow candidates and access all of the resources you might need!
  • You will get a personal copy of the programme textbook sent to you when you sign up.
  • If you’re paying for yourself you are able to pay by instalments with no interest charged.

Enquire About The CIPD Level 7 Advanced Qualification


The Units you must take, and the ones you can choose.

Core Units

There are 4 core modules that form a mandatory part of the Advanced Diplomas in HRM or HRD.

Please click here for the Level 7 module overview.

Optional Units for HRM

  • 4 modules are required for the Advanced Certificate in HRM
  • 8 modules are required for the Advanced Diploma in HRM – 4 modules must be Core modules
  • A maximum of 1 module can be selected from the HRD Optional modules

Optional Units for HRD

  • 4 modules are required for the Advanced Certificate in HRD
  • 8 modules are required for the Advanced Diploma in HRD – 4 modules must be Core modules
  • A maximum of 1 module can be selected from the HRM Optional modules
Important to know

Whether you choose the HRM or HRD path, the Core modules are the same for both.

2 of the Core modules are examined.  These modules are Human Resource Management in Context and Leading and Managing People.

The examinations are held 3 times a year in January, May and September. While preparing for these, we provide a dedicated examinations adviser to support you in addition to your course adviser – as such, our pass rate remains well above average.

The Level 7 Advanced Qualification at a glance


Achieve a module to gain an

  • Advanced Award in Human Resources


Achieve 4 modules – we recommend that you select from the Optional modules. Depending on your choice of Optional modules you will gain an

  • Advanced Certificate in HRM or
  • Advanced Certificate in HRD

Additionally, achieving the Certificate  allows you to automatically become an Associate Member of CIPD.


Achieve 8 modules – we recommend that you begin with the Optional modules.

Depending on your choice of Optional modules you will gain a

  • Advanced Diploma in HRM or
  • Advanced Diploma in HRD

Achieving an Advanced Diploma enables you to become a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow.

I came to Cullen Scholefield to complete my qualification after my provider went into liquidation.  There were a number of providers who I could have chosen however when I considered the overall value for money in choosing them.  Taking account of how adaptable they could be by enabling me to complete my course in the same way as the previous provider, despite the approach being a little different to their standard way of coaching students through the programme.
Chris Hammond

HR Adviser, Hanover Housing Association, Advanced Diploma in HRM