Sorry no photos of Beckham….

The May issue of People Management fits in so well to the theme of this week’s blog!  Serendipity or what?

So Peter Cheese talks about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how innovation is a growing trend.  Some organisations and people have always been innovative.   I wonder what makes them like that?

Another example is the article featuring Dame Steve Shirley: – I was visiting a techie company last week and they had never heard of her!!   Back in 1986 I was part of the Women in Personnel Management group and then led the London Women and Training group.  She was shining example to us all then and continues to be today – combining agility and innovation.   I even share her more controversial views expressed in an FT interview: but then I always like to be provocative!

Then the great Andy Lancaster: – at our recent Circle of Peers events in London, Sussex, Dubai and Isle of Man featured our views on Learning and Development…  So look out for our Circle of Peers Slack Innovation launching next week…

So in our run up to 30 years of Cullen Scholefield I can definitely state that agility and innovation are not new concepts and I am sure that we would not have lasted this long without them!!

Next week I will look at right people, right skills, right place and right values.

Upcoming Circle of Peers events: save the dates!

May 11th London 17:00 onwards Circle of Peers Casual Networking
May 26th Dubai 17:00 onwards Circle of Peers Casual Networking
May 28th Dubai 10:00 – 16:00 Circle of Peers Collaboration
June 8th London 17:00 – 19:00 Circle of Peers Casual
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