It has been a busy week for the Cullen Scholefield team….   Firstly on Monday afternoon all of our managers – Vicki, John, Lesley, Carol and I did a sense check on our strategy – this team is pretty new and was only formed in January and not all team members are employees.

Then our admin and sales team joined us on Tuesday afternoon to be updated on the first quarter results and review our progress on the achievement of our business objectives.

On Wednesday, our consulting team joined us and we focussed on quality assurance issues, then looked at how we could improve our use of Social Media.

So that all sounds pretty heavy and work related.   Reflecting on this time I was delighted with the amount of laughter!   It was good to be reminded again that work should be fun!   I strongly believe that teams who play together naturally produce amazing results.   So the message for leaders is to really encourage that natural sense of fun in the workplace and they should not be afraid of making fun of themselves either.

For me, the best part of the last three days was the look on Vicki and Gina’s faces during the celebration of their 4th and 5th anniversaries of working with Cullen Scholefield.   The task of organising this fell to Erica and Seb. On the day they were well supported by Persia who has recently joined us.

It is so important to celebrate and thank people for the hard work and effort they put into their working lives, whilst also having fun!   I would like to hope that the word fun is always associated with Cullen Scholefield….

Now for the photos….

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