We are delighted to welcome Rob Gordon back to our team – he has gallantly returned to us and those of you that know Rob, know that he is just that!  Our lovely Toni is still ill and we need support.

So the team have been calling out to remind our current and potential clients about the next round of Circle of Peers events.  This can be a demanding task, as it has aspects of call centre work to it.  Management approaches could be draconian or light touch.  I would hope you would expect Cullen Scholefield to go for the light touch – so we have upbeat music going, friendly banter and a little competition to make the task fun.  So Rob, Nicola, Seb and I have been playing!  We very much hope you can make the time in your busy diaries….

The first of the Summer Circle of Peers events was held yesterday at the Institute of Directors. The topic was Performance Management – Drive Performance – Drive Productivity then Celebrate.

I have to say it too was a fun event with a diverse group of past and current candidates!  Their feedback was good with one candidate saying “I thought you would be reviewing the theories behind performance management.  It was a pleasant surprise to be able to take an alternative view!”

I am not going to spoil the event for those yet to attend, but I will say that these words could be People Professionals new mantra!

                                                     I’ve been taking on a new direction

                                                                         But I have to say

                                                 I’ve been thinking about my own protection

                                                             It scares me to feel this way

So one of my messages is that People Professionals must re-imagine their roles, in order to be relevant to the times we now live in.

See you soon!











Here are events:

150611 Novo Nordisk HTML Pic


Venue:    Novo Nordisk, 3 City Place, Gatwick RH6 0PA

Date:        26th June 2015

Time:       09:00 – 14:00



150611 Sefton Hotel IOM Pic


Venue:      Sefton Hotel, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2RW

Date:        1st July 2015

Time:       12:00 – 14:30



Venue:         150611 Elliot Hotel HTML picElliot Hotel, Gibraltar

Date:             8th July 2015

Time:           12:00 – 14:30