We all know that life is never predictable – this is one thing that you can actually predict!!

This week it has been great to be in Gibraltar – warm weather always cheers me up.  I like travelling and have learnt to be pretty chilled about the serendipitous nature of travelling!   So the opportunity to chat with total strangers and the inevitability of delays I take in my stride.   By the way, I was delayed going and coming back!!  What does amaze me is how stressed others can get and I still wonder if this ability to be resilient and roll with the punches is an innate life skill or if it can be learned.

The developer in me will say we can always learn, but I suppose it is about the ability to learn, or more importantly the will to learn!

The serendipity link you ask?   At the Circle of Peers event in Sussex we were discussing the next topic for the Winter Circle of Peers and Resilience was suggested by Gill Whensley.  Then Simon Clements mentioned the research Roffey Park has done into Resilience  and the rest is history as they say!

Now today thinking about Resilience I have found out that CIPD are running a conference on the topic it has a great strap line – Building Resilience to Boost Organisational Productivity – something dear to my heart.

Be prepared for our take on this fascinating topic and learn about Roffey Park’s Resilience Capability Index.

So an early warning for you, the dates for the Winter Circle of Peers are:

  • London                 Tuesday         10th November                        Venue to be finalised
  • Isle of Man          Wednesday   25th November                        Sefton Hotel, Douglas, Isle of Man,
  • Sussex                   Friday             27th November                       Canon UK, Cockshot Hill, Reigate, Surrey,   RH2 8BF
  • Gibraltar              Wednesday    2nd December                         Elliot Hotel, Gibraltar

The Autumn Circle of Peers is now up on our website, so please have a look at the resources and the videos.