We are living in really interesting times.   No I am not thinking of the Chinese saying!  Pointers to me are:

  • the speed of change – ever faster, insistent and demanding our attention 24/7. Alvin Toffler’s 3rd Wave – the post industrial society or the information age seems a bit old hat.
  • the lack of spare capacity – most organisations I deal with have lost their reserves of labour. Doing more with less people, this places heavy demands on those that remain.  I believe it will ultimately stop organisations from growing.
  • fewer risk takers around – do we make decisions as a result of faith and belief, or only when we can establish a sound and cautious financial case?
  • shortage of skills – this is going to drive those with skills to demand ever higher salaries.
  • increasing discernment – people looking for employers of choice or deciding that the corporate life is not attractive when viewed against work life balance priorities and the need to feel valued and appreciated.
  • more mergers and acquisitions and the uncertainty that this causes in people working in those organisations.

Gloomy – I hope not!  But it does demand a lot from people professionals who will need all their reserves of energy.  This got me thinking about neuroscience, emotional intelligence and resilience.

To me the term “bouncing back” says it all.  The ability to bounce back is perhaps not something you automatically have or not have.  It is a behaviour that can be deployed.  For example you can choose to be:

  • positive – without going into Pollyanna mode
  • purposeful – with clear realistic plans
  • problem solving – seeing a problem as a challenge to be unravelled
  • personally controlled – being able to control your emotions in order to help others
  • perceptive to the needs of others
  • personable with the personality and charisma to help others with tough news or decisions

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