ILM Coaching Supervision Level 7

ILM Certificate or Diploma in Coaching Supervision at Level 7


Benefits for individuals

  • Coaching supervision can be an essential part of your CPD and helps maintain your own professional competence
  • Understand the purpose and principles of coaching supervision
  • Critically assess and reflect on your own ability to perform as an effective coaching supervisor
  • Develop the skills and theoretical knowledge of coaching supervision methods, approaches, reflective practices and activity
  • Evaluate the contribution of coaching supervision to stakeholders

Benefits for organisations

  • Coaching supervision is a key process for organisations providing in-house coaching
  • Develop coaches who are able to use the feedback from supervisory sessions to plan their own and others’ professional development
  • Benchmark your organisation’s practice against an accepted framework
  • Ensure your coaches are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need
  • Meet clients’ supervision needs through effective assessment and relationship building

Structure of the qualification

Three Mandatory units

  • Understanding the principles and practice of coaching supervision in organisations
  • Undertaking a period/extended period of coaching supervision
  • Reflecting on your own ability to act as a coaching supervisor
  • For the Certificate, you are required to demonstrate your ability to plan, deliver and review at least 30 hours of coaching supervision
  • For the Diploma, this unit is extended to 100 hours of coaching supervision, and there is an added focus on assessing your work against best practice standards and benchmarks

Delivery methods


  • Both qualifications are delivered on a one to one basis by a qualified coaching supervisor, with several skill’s development workshops held throughout the programme. This enables each individual to complete the programme as quickly as they want to