We can’t find any [insert job title here]…! How ‘talent searches’ seem to resemble looking for lost keys…

“…but my keys are always in this drawer!” Sound familiar? I recently lost my keys. I knew that they were in the third drawer down of my filing cabinet, except I couldn’t find them there. I rummaged through the drawer and then walked away scratching my head.

A process that has had its day?

The “Nine Box Grid” seems to be invincible! How can a tool that was developed in the late 1960’s still be going strong? If HR is to be all about processes that are not transparent we are doomed to become nothing more than a transactional service that will be subsumed by the finance department.

The Nation’s Favourite

The problem with using volume as a measure of what is ‘favourite’ is that wide adoption makes a
product or process ‘the best’, and therefore one that you should buy or adopt. It allows people to
stop thinking…

Attracting and retaining talent

As UK employers are now entering uncharted waters in the search to attract and retain talented employees due to Brexit, there are a number of uncertainties that will make this more challenging in the coming months.

The importance of ‘place’ when ‘minding the skills gap’

The ability to attract global talent is one of the UK’s great economic strengths, but the continued ability to attract talent is not inevitable, and it isn’t uniform. As the notion of the end to free movement of labour from the EEA, coupled with restrictions in visas for non-EEA nationals, begins…

Up close and personal

It is fascinating to personally experience what you are talking about. You can’t have missed that our next round of Circle of Peers events focuses on the topic of Resilience. The first event was this week in London at the Institute of Directors.

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A coterie of Cs

It has been one of those weeks really. I am up at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester. The welcome was charismatically delivered by Peter Cheese and then the keynote, by Professor Sir Gary Cooper CBE to give him his full title, was excellent.

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What makes a great leader?

I so believe in serendipity! I was asked to talk to a large HR team this week. Getting there meant a train trip so I like to have some knitting with me – something to do with a low boredom threshold I reckon! Some people really think I knit!

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Daring to dream on a megascale

Is this just me being a hopelessly positive person or is it really possible do something with ideas that seem phantasmagorical at the time. The Back to the Future celebrations yesterday were fun with many serious organisations playing – for me this is just what life should be about.

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Cullen Scholefield goes Bolly mad?

Don’t worry no Bollinger – that would be too fabulous! Working hard and playing hard is as applicable now as it was in the 1980’s. I love having fun! It is great to be able facilitate this and participate in fun activities.

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Travel – Serendipity – Resilience

We all know that life is never predictable – this is one thing that you can actually predict!! This week it has been great to be in Gibraltar – warm weather always cheers me up. I like travelling and have learnt to be pretty chilled about the serendipitous nature of travelling! So the opportunity to chat with total strangers and the inevitability of delays I take in my stride.

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Induction, on-boarding, orientation

The serious bit is that we always feel that after carefully selecting new people, their first 100 days are critical and failure to settle people in is a huge waste of resources. You would not invite someone for dinner and then not have enough food for them would you? Strange to me how many organisations get this wrong and see it as a necessary evil.

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Times are a changing

May you live in interesting times – has a number of interesting interpretations! For those of you intrigued by etymology read on! For me it has to be Robert Kennedy in 1966, after all, I am a product of the 60s’!! So getting to the point…. Next week I am presenting at the Haywards Heath and District Business Association (HHDBA) Conference.

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Gearing up for 6G

Now do I hear you say what is she up to now? Of course you have read and heard me talking about the 5G workplace, but now we have 6G and it is not the latest iPhone!
I was pleased to be blown away by a really professionally run conference in Manchester this week. Investors in People (IiP) launched the Sixth Generation of the Standard.

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Change is all around us

Sometimes the oldies are the goodies. One of my favourite goodies is Alvin Toffler, I first came across him at a time in my life when I was beginning to have confidence in myself and my own ability to learn. His book The Third Wave made so much sense to me then and now. Toffler used the term waves:

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Do we need to stop saying HR and talk about PEOPLE ?

Is it time to stop using the term Human Resources, or perhaps even Human Capital and go back to the root of the word Personnel – People ? Consider the following: It is a fact that despite moves to robots, the highest cost to most organisations is their people. It is also widely recognised that an engaged workforce is more productive than a dis-engaged workforce.

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High performing teams – why go for just a few superstars?

Well guess what? We were out celebrating last night – our excuse was Seb’s birthday! We take birthdays seriously at Cullen Scholefield; it gives us an opportunity to spend time together in a social context and to spoil the birthday boy or girl. Who doesn’t like to feel special?

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2020 Vision – Health and Wellbeing – what’s the connection?

2020 once seemed such a long way away and yet in less than 5 years we will be there! I will be facilitating a strategic planning session later this week. I have been mulling over the approach I will take with the owners of this young company that’s now 2 years old – I was with them at its birth!

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Cultural fit is vital to Employee Engagement

Tuesday was the Haywards Heath and District Business Association (HHDBA) networking event at Idlewild and as it was the Chair’s “Official” Birthday BBQ bash it seemed sensible to invite our prospective new employee and two potential students from the University of Sussex. Many members of our team were there too. It was great to also see our last Bright Young Thing (BYT), Eleanor Brough and catch up with her news.

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Consistency and change – how can these be compatible?

Consistency and change - how can these be compatible? It is strange how something can trigger a train of thought! Let me explain… Cullen Scholefield has supported Comic Relief right from the start, I was delighted to get an eMail from them last week. Here comes the...

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Grey skies but blue sky thinking

One of the wonderful things for me is that no week is ever exactly the same – perhaps this is what gives me energy and sparks my sense of mischief! Monday was getting back to the office after a week in Gibraltar and then an evening meeting with my Chair of Haywards...

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Mean machines and the Isle of Man

So whilst most of the UK has been sweltering and Gina has been buying ice lollies for the office, Carol and I have been on a slightly cooler Isle of Man.  Always lovely to be hear and catch up with people who we have known for so many years!! Imagine our surprise and...

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