At Cullen Scholefield we are very aware and supportive of the new initiative ‘Valuing your Talent’ which is made up of bodies such as the CIPD, CMI, RSA and so on and so on.  The initiative was launched at the end of last year and has been picking up speed since, so hopefully you are aware of it as well!

One of the goals of ‘Valuing your Talent’ is to change perceptions surrounding training and development. At the moment any training is seen as a cost, and therefore a drain on a company’s resources. The initiative points out that while training may drain your financial resources, it does a lot to enhance your people resources – and isn’t this more of a gain?  Developing your people will create greater assets in the long run who will go on to improve and enhance your business.

This video sums up the aim of the initiative in a comprehensive and fun way – and you can access a range of resources at the CIPD site.

It is a brilliant idea to invest in digital minds to bring your website up to scratch, in calculative minds to keep your sales rolling, and creative minds to market your product and services. All of these people do wonders to keep a business alive and thriving. It is important, however, to remember who has to be there to put these people in place. Who is it that seeks them out, scopes their talent and brings them on board?  People Professionals are a vital key to securing new talent. (Speaking of new talent – don’t forget to book your place on our upcoming Circle of Peers here!).

And who is investing in People Professionals? Well, unfortunately at Cullen Scholefield we know the sad truth of that answer. More and more People Professionals, from advisers to directors, are calling us to get a qualification that their organisation deems necessary and yet they won’t fund it. It is scary how many People Professionals come to us willing to dive into their own savings to ensure their development because their company views it as an unnecessary cost.

Well, if organisations are not investing in their People Professionals then they can’t expect to invest in their people. Say goodbye to that snazzy new website designer.

Cullen Scholefield always seeks to help out the individual hoping to fund their own Continuing Professional Development. We have a brilliant instalment scheme for payment and are always willing to be an ear and shoulder when times get a bit tough.  We really admire all People Professionals seeking to improve their knowledge and skills set, and so we have launched a new initiative to reward our candidates who choose to enrol with us again!

If you’ve completed a qualification with us before and book a new one for yourself or a colleague in 2014, then we will reward you with 6 bottles of award-winning bubbly from our local vineyard to celebrate!

Ridgeview Champagne

We have even launched several new exciting courses which are starting this summer, to entice you even further! 

And don’t be shy to pick up the phone and talk to us about what your next step is; we are always happy to advise and even happier to share the bubbly around!