I have a quirky sense of humour, so seeing those words I tend to use others:

Induction – inducing – painful!

On-boarding – dragging along…

Orientation – I am lost!!

The serious bit is that we always feel that after carefully selecting new people, their first 100 days are critical and failure to settle people in is a huge waste of resources.  You would not invite someone for dinner and then not have enough food for them would you?   Strange to me how many organisations get this wrong and see it as a necessary evil.

First days are always nerve racking…  Be it first day at school, university or work, the feeling of newness is always a strange one.

So we are doing our best to make Erica Gayler’s first day memorable!   She has joined us to take our social activities by the scruff of the neck to make them even better.

It has been great to see our team rallying around to make her welcome and to show her how things are done at Cullen Scholefield.   I have also spent time this week to review Andreas Georgiades’ induction plan – he is two weeks into working with us and will be catching up with old timer – 4 months today – Sebastian Hockaday.

To me this is a critical and an excellent use of my time – it demonstrates to all my commitment to our people.

On another tack I am off to lovely Gibraltar on Sunday and looking forward to seeing our candidates and facilitating the Circle of Peers event which focuses on Outperformance and with more than 50% of our workforce being Millennials, harness their energy and power!

Gibraltar          12:00 to 14:30   7th October 2015                        Elliot Hotel, Gibraltar

See you there!