Now do I hear you say what is she up to now?   Of course you have read and heard me talking about the 5G workplace, but now we have 6G and it is not the latest iPhone!
I was pleased to be blown away by a really professionally run conference in Manchester this week. Investors in People (IiP) launched the Sixth Generation of the Standard.

The line up of speakers was impressive:
Paul Devoy, Head of IiP
Chris Jones, Director of Operations (IiP)
Thomas Bale, Head of Marketing & Customer Development (IiP)
Prof Veronica Hope Hailey, Dean of the University of Bath School of Management
Manley Hopkinson, Leadership Coach and Author
Peter Cheese, CEO of CIPD
Sir Chris Hoy MBE, British Olympian – managed by a very energetic MC – Jim Steele who referred to the research carried out by Ocean Tomo LLC in January 2015.   They have tracked the steady rise of intangible assets from 17% in 1975 to 84% in 2015.  This clearly demonstrates that people are now recognised as counting as the real value in an organisation.

For me this really set the agenda for the day and it helped give context to the fact that it makes absolute sense to harness your people to help the organisation become a High Performing Organisation (HPO).  This is supported in the IiP Management Benchmark – The impact of investing in people report and it is staggering to note that poor people management performance in the UK economy is potentially missing out on efficiency gains of £84bn!

The Sixth Generation of the IiP Standard draws on the work of Dr Andre de Waal.  His original paper in 2007 started to identify the characteristics of High Performing Organisations and then in 2010 the final paper was published.

The Autumn Circle of Peers will describe the changes in detail, so dates for your diaries are:

London             10:00 to 15:00 22nd September 2015                 Chestertons 1- 3 Mount Street, London

Sussex               09:00 to 14:00  25th September 2015                Roffey Park Institute, Forest Road, Horsham

Isle of Man      12:00 to 14:30  28th September 2015                 Sefton Hotel, Douglas

Gibraltar          12:00 to 14:30   7th October 2015                        Elliot Hotel, Gibraltar

Perhaps the speaker who resonated with me most was Manley Hopkinson.  He has recently published a book Compassionate Leadership – How to create and maintain engaged, committed and high-performing teams.   His delivery style was charismatic and his book is written in a no nonsense practical way.  It should be on every leader’s reading list!

See you at one of the Circle of Peers events!