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Red Nose Day at Cullen Scholefield
Red Nose Day, 15th March 2024

Doing something funny for money is in our DNA

We have always supported Red Nose Day and this year is no different! We will be raising money via our many supporters who have supported the cause so mightily over the years.

Long Term Supporters

Cullen Scholefield always plays the long game, our relationships last decades. It will therefore come as no surprise that we are a Comic Relief supporter. We have been from the start. Comic Relief fits well with our ethos – have fun and achieve something that has real impact!

Red Nose Day 2021

2020 was a year many of us would love to forget. So it’s only apt that the theme for Red Nose Day this year is humour! This year, Cullen Scholefield is asking you to send us your favourite image/video/story of 2020.

Something that made you really laugh out loud. Our favourite video/image will then be uploaded onto our website for everyone else to enjoy and have a good laugh at! We will also send you all a list of our favourite top 10 videos/images/stories, so that you can relish in the laughter with us!

When you send us your titbit, we would really appreciate it if you could make a donation (of any size) here:

All money donated will be given to the Comic Relief charity. Please make your submission by Tuesday 23rd March to:

Red Nose Day 2019

We hosted a lively wine-tasting event with a difference in support of Comic Relief on Friday, 15th March at the local Cafe Rouge . A lot of red, funny t-shirts, good ol’ fashioned deely boppers and of course red noses were in evidence for the “Call my Bluff” style Wine Tasting, which raised an impressive £1,000 for Comic Relief!

“Call my Bluff” Wine Tasting, was devised by Ed Perfect, from a local wine merchants and delicatessen, Grape & Grain. Some of you may remember the long running popular game show, of the same name! Three panellists had a description of the wine being tasted by everyone. One of the descriptions was true – the guests had to decide whose description was correct. Guests were also invited to ‘guess the cupcake’ and provide donations for red noses and deely boppers, which sold out in record time!

This year’s event was a perfect example of collaboration; Ed Perfect ran the wine-tasting despite the fact that he and partner Angelica welcomed their new son to the world, just the day before!  Plus, Cafe Rouge donated £100 and provided excellent customer service, as they have done for our previous events there. A special thanks also goes to our friends at Aquapax (water in paper cartons) who provided water for everyone to cleanse their pallet.

Everyone who attended agreed they had a jolly good time! If you felt you’ve missed out, be sure to let us know so we can send you your invite for Red Nose Day 2021.

Please visit our fundraising page to see how much we raised!

Red Nose Day 2019

Photos from the past

Have a giggle and see us doing something funny for money!!