It was lovely to see that Ridgeview Estate has won not one award but five at the 2016 TEXSOM International Wine Competition. Recognition spurs us all on and to be exporting English sparkling wine to America is no mean achievement either. Now you could say why am I interested in Ridgeview? Well of course my penchant for bubbly is well known! The real reason is that I met Mike Roberts many years ago when he owned Michael Business Systems. At the time there were 44 employees and a development need had been identified. Michael Business Systems was an IBM main dealership, it developed its people by sending them away on expensive training programmes. The trouble was that the knowledge was not shared around the organisation. I was brought in to train trainers. It was the start of a business relationship that became a personal friendship – Mike also became our Company Secretary. He was an excellent mentor to me and always used to say that there was no such thing as luck, success in business was all about doing the right thing.

This links to an article in April’s Harvard Business Review  – here four leaders reflect on how they led major transformations, they believe that culture isn’t something you “fix.”  It is about doing the right thing by putting in new processes and structures to tackle tough business challenges.

For those of you interested in Organisation Design I am currently reading a great book by Naomi Stanford – it is part of a series published by The Economist.

It is a really good read and there is a great summary of different models on Page 305;

However it does miss out this model by Treacy and Weirsema.

We have based our business planning and our structure on this model.

In order to do the right thing you will need to chose a model to suit the culture and type of organisation you are. Since ours is so heavily customer facing and we believe, innovative, the Treacy and Weirsema model fits us like a glove!

We leave you to reflect and review on whether your strategic model is the best for you!  If you need any help we would be delighted to facilitate a review.

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