Don’t worry no Bollinger – that would be too fabulous!

Working hard and playing hard is as applicable now as it was in the 1980’s.  I love having fun!   It is great to be able facilitate this and participate in fun activities, so how better to achieve this than by taking the Cullen Scholefield team to the Haywards Heath & District Business Association (HHDBA)’s Bollywood, Bhangra and Bhajis evening at Tarana, last night in Turners Hill.

Every quarter we get together to review how the business is achieving the objectives that we set.  It is a great opportunity to work on the business and to also ensure that new team members see how we nurture our culture.   I believe that our approach to our people and our way of working needs constant attention.  This is especially true when new people join the team.

To me leaders of organisations often forget to balance the need to focus on the business with fun.  These last two days we have had a great deal of fun and laughter and also got the work done.

Memorable moments have been our energetic young men Bollywood dancing, led by Raj Rawat who was down to polish our IT skills.