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A Look Beyond the Parapets


As ever, we will be drawing upon the latest news and case studies in HR/L&D.  You will then have time to focus on how they apply to your organisation and also find out how your peers feel.  An excellent opportunity for you to learn and share….


London Collaboration, Law Society, 14th June

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Isle of Man Lunch + Discuss, 26th June

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Sussex Collaboration, Shoreham Port, 5th July

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Gibraltar Lunch + Discuss, 10th July

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Our concept of Circle of Peers works in formal and less formal situations, so the aims of Circle of Peers Casual meetings are to:

  • Share ideas, concepts and experiences
  • Formulate approaches, formulate models of good practice
  • Inform and update each other

Network and extend personal contacts in similar and different sectors. This is just what Circle of Peers Casual is designed to do!

Locations include:

– The Wine Bar at the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ED

– A variety of venues in London, Sussex, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.

It is casual so we will be happy to see you for a quick or lengthy drink!

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It’s good to talk…

We all know that bouncing ideas, discussing problems and sharing solutions in a safe environment helps us hone the ultimate plan. Finding that someone else has tried that particular approach and can share the successes and the pitfalls is of incalculable value, saving time, money and that all important stress factor.

Add to that the ability to pick up a telephone and laugh (or cry!) with someone who understands and whom you know will maintain confidentiality and you begin to have a recipe for keeping that New Year Resolution to take better care of yourself.

Groups meet under the ‘Chatham House Rule’ to share, support, and where appropriate learn from each other.

Cullen Scholefield will organise, ensure coffee is on tap and will facilitate the group discussions. If groups decide they would like particular expert input, Cullen Scholefield will source that input – and the speaker comes with the Cullen Scholefield quality mark!

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There are times when it’s lonely at the top.

It is difficult to know who you can talk to inside the organisation and your nearest and dearest mean well but they sometimes just don’t really understand. They are concerned about you and often worry that you are working too hard! Over the many years we have been working with managers and HR professionals we have often been happy to support and listen to our clients.

So we can…

  • Listen
  • Act as sounding boards
  • Reflect back
  • Offer advice
  • Generate ideas
  • Provide interim support
  • Work on short projects
  • Facilitate that “interesting” session
  • Connect you to others

If this how we can help you, please email in strict confidence to

Maureen always has an interesting collection of people that come along and it’s a very useful networking opportunity. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to exchange ideas.

We have a seasonal workforce, and trying to make sure they get supported with the resources that we have can sometimes be tricky. A lot of will come back year after year. We’ve had people for 20+ years.

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As an HR executive in South Africa, you were very much part of the subsidiary board, strategic development of key values and key drivers for the company. HR is an integral part of that. It’s not a grudge purchase.

Networking from an HR perspective is very important. I’ve never been one that only focussed on HR. I’ve always believed in cross-functionality, so that’s why I like meeting new people. As an HR person, you need that holistic view.

Jane Normann

I have know Maureen for 20+ years. We were setting up NVQs and we needed trained assessors and Maureen did a great job providing those.

I try to come to these events on a regular basis.

George Lepine

GAL Consulting

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