What great news from CIPD yesterday!  A new President in the shape of Professor Sir Cary Cooper.   Anyone who attended the keynote speech at the CIPD Annual Conference this November will have seen the great synergy between Peter Cheese and Cary Cooper.   To me it was like a breath of fresh air!   The HR profession, or People profession as I would prefer to call it, is in sore need of the practical questioning approach that was evident in that keynote session.  We need to rise to the challenges facing us in 2016, where more will certainly be asked of less people, so the root of the issue is to raise productivity through slicker working methods with highly motivated, engaged and rewarded people.  Old management styles will need to be ruthlessly routed out as they do not work with our challenging and bright Millennials.

We started celebrating Christmas yesterday with a great team effort.   Seb was in charge of decorating the Christmas Tree, Erica brought in great homemade mince pies, Reem treated us to a fabulous Chocolate cake, Andreas made the lunch and Rob made mulled wine with ingredients provided by Erica.   Gina as usual was directing photography and all Vicki and I had to do was eat and drink!!   I regret to say that our non-office based colleagues will have to wait till Friday!   We are back to The Griffin at Fletching for a great meal and fun and games!

So come and celebrate with us and brighten up your Monday!   We would love you to join us at the Institute of Directors on Monday 21st December from 17:30 onwards – it promises to be a great evening!!

December 21st London 17:30 onwards Circle of Peers Casual Networking

Just a quick reminder the office will be closed from 24th December to 11th January 2016.