Circle of Peers – Rwanda

Cullen Scholefield's Journey to Rwanda

We were very happy to host our first Circle of Peers event in Rwanda in November 2019 and look forward to hosting there again in the future. We look forward to welcoming those within the Rwandan HR community to share ideas, discuss best practice and review the challenges facing us in this fast paced global world that we live in.

Our journey towards hosting the Circle of Peers in Rwanda began in 2015 with a courageous man, Vivens Kalinganire, deciding to expand his HR knowledge and become a candidate studying for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Development (HRM).

As Maureen Scholefield, our founder and Managing Director, was born in Lusaka, Zambia, she decided to be his Advisor. The rest of the story is now history and as of writing we now have 13 candidates working towards the CIPD Advanced Diploma. Maureen is impressed by the strong desire in the candidates to improve and learn; these are qualities that are priceless.

As part of our renewed focus on the idea of values, we’re examining how effectively they are interpreted and applied within both our and other organisations.

Interested in attending?

We’d love to see you at a future event – reserve your place today for our next event and we will notify you once dates have been set.

Available dates:

TBC 2020

What is the Circle of Peers?

Circle of Peers was launched in 2007. We recognised that People Professionals valued opportunities to meet and exchange experiences. These events also provide a support mechanism for our candidates.

Circle of Peers events are good for People Professionals who give so much to others and yet do not take care of themselves.

If you’re thinking about getting a qualification with us, these events are ideal to meet us, get to know us and ask us questions in depth.

They’re held in London, Sussex, Dubai, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Rwanda.

Why not come along at a venue that suits you?

Click here for videos and resources from some of our past events.

Autumn Programme 2019

Change is All Around Us

Change is all around us. The HR Profession is no exception. Our first Circle of Peers event in Africa considered:
  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) new Profession Map which presents a real shift in standards for People Professionals to work towards. It enables you to:
* Build capability in yourself, teams and organisations
* Develop expertise in emerging areas of practice
* Drive sustainable organisational change
* Be a more confident, decisive and credible people professional
* Prove your value as an expert on people, work and change
  • What is the use of hindsight if you do not learn to predict? A core skill for People Professionals must be People Analytics
  • Change is all around us – the subtle art of thinking ahead of the game
Tickets and Format

Collaborations are a more formal meeting with topical discussions and presentations from guest speakers. Groups meet under Chatham House Rules to share, support, and where appropriate learn from each other. We will provide lunch and of course lots of coffee!

The aims of these meetings are to:

  • Enjoy presentations from industry leading People Professionals
  • Bounce around ideas
  • Discuss problems and share solutions
  • Share successes and pitfalls in different approaches

Tickets to our Circle of Peers events are offered once we have reviewed your CV. Once we have done so, your complimentary ticket will be sent to you.

Maureen Scholefield on the vision for the Circle of Peers

Attendees describe the value of attending the Circle of Peers

Circle of Peers Casual Logo


Share, inform, update.

Our concept of Circle of Peers works in formal and less formal situations, so the aims of Circle of Peers Casual meetings are to:

  • Share ideas, concepts and experiences
  • Formulate approaches, formulate models of good practice
  • Inform and update each other

Network and extend personal contacts in similar and different sectors. This is just what Circle of Peers Casual is designed to do!

Venues include:

  • The Wine Bar at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London
  • Bar George, Douglas, Isle of Man
  • Bianca’s Restaurant, Gibraltar
  • The Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai, UAE

It is casual so we will be happy to see you for a quick or lengthy drink!

Circle of Peers Collaborative Logo


It’s good to talk…

With up to the minute presentations from industry professionals and group discussions, we meet under the ‘Chatham House Rule’ to share, support, and where appropriate, learn from each other.

We all know that bouncing ideas, discussing problems and sharing solutions in a safe environment helps us to hone the ultimate plan. Finding that someone else has tried that particular approach and can share the successes and the pitfalls is of incalculable value, saving time, money and that all important stress factor.


We partner with our past and current clients in the People industry, offering insights into a wide range of interesting businesses.

Circle of Peers Confidential Logo


There are times when it’s lonely at the top.

It is difficult to know who you can talk to inside an organisation.  Cullen Scholefield is well placed to offer objective and sound advice in a safe and confidential environment.  Over the 32 years we have been working with managers and HR professionals we have always listened to and supported our clients.

So we can…

  • Listen
  • Act as sounding boards
  • Reflect back
  • Offer advice
  • Generate ideas
  • Provide interim support
  • Work on short projects
  • Facilitate that “interesting” session
  • Connect you to others

If this is how we can help you, please email in strict confidence to: