It is good to see that Human Resources (HR) magazine will be 25 years old next month it always great to see longevity in business.   I suppose it caught my eye as Cullen Scholefield will be 30 years old in the Autumn and of course we are beginning to plan how best to celebrate this!

I started to think about what makes an organisation or business last so long.  Is it resilience or a real sense of purpose?  Is it agility or innovation?   Is it the ability to roll with the punches of recessions and the fast paced world we live in?   Is it about having the right people in the right place with the right skills and the right values?

Well of course it is all of those things, a pretty tall order but perhaps the key thing is agility hence the title bobbing and weaving!!

There is a lot of talk about agile working in the IT world with scrum masters and so forth but to me agility is key in all areas.  So let’s take it step by step…


Resilience and sense of purpose

Certainly these are interlinked and at last year’s Circle of Peers session this was clear. My presentation and Adrian Lock, Senior Consultant at Roffey Park, talked about Building Resilience: Five Key Capabilities.

These are

  • Perspective purpose
  • Values and strengths
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Physical energy
  • Connections

The capabilities are part of a Resilience Capability Index (RCI) – have a look at the online tool here and measure your resilience!



Next week I will look at agility and innovation.

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