Those of you who follow the blog will know that the team has been travelling a bit lately!   So whether it be our lovely Isle of Man or Gibraltar, or the more exotic Abu Dhabi and Dubai, I reckon we have clocked up thousands of air miles!

This got me thinking as I delivered our last Circle of Peers session in Gibraltar yesterday about what actually gets our people to go that extra mile?   To me our last topic this year, Resilience, is an innate ability but it can be developed.  So how does that relate to going the extra mile?

Are some people naturally inclined to do this?  Or do good leaders inspire their people to go the extra mile.   I suppose it is a mixture of both – as we all know that some managers can demotivate their people at the drop of a hat.  So perhaps it is all about selecting people who have shown that they go the extra mile in previous roles.  This can be verified by careful questioning and following up references.  It can also be looked for in a selection centre.

Now we come to the interesting bit where a new person comes on board.  Is your induction programme carefully designed to encourage that discretional effort that shows how people are engaged with the work they do?

The most important point for me though is valuing your people who give more than you expect!  A simple “Thank you” goes a long way!

I am truly blessed in Cullen Scholefield – we have a fabulous team who all go that extra mile for the company!   Is this luck or is it because we celebrate regularly?!!!  I leave it to you to figure it out.

Come and celebrate the festive season with us and your achievement with us too!!

December 7th London 17:30 onwards Circle of Peers Casual Networking
December 11th London 11:00 onwards Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony
December 21st London 17:30 onwards Circle of Peers Casual Networking