A few people have been deeply shocked by a recent decision of mine. So I hope when you read this today I will not cause alarm…

I decided to go on the wagon or take the pledge, for no other reason than to prove that I could.

Those of you who know me well are well aware of my fondness of the demon drink. Well believe it or not, today is Day 19. Who is counting? Well a number of people have raised eyebrows, asked if I am feeling well and heaven knows what they are saying when I am not around!!

There is a rumour of a book being run to see how many days I can last. I just hope we find someone who can calculate the odds… Perhaps we should seek a volunteer and the proceeds could go to a good cause…

Back to the counting thing, it is interesting to note that the MEP’s have agreed to a call to have calorie labels on all alcoholic drinks. The BBC page even produced this depressing informatic! Something that you could ponder on perhaps on the lead up to the Bank Holiday weekend.

Calories Graph











I have a plan for the weekend – I want to read my latest book – the lovely Charles Handy has just written a new book The Second Curve – Thoughts on Reinventing Society. What a treat!

150430 Charles Handy Second Curve

It has been published by Random House

For those of you close to London we have two Circle of Peers Casuals, one on 6th May and one on 10th June from 17:00 onwards at the Wine Bar in the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall