So here we are in the amazing UAE.  Our first stop was Abu Dhabi and we are now in Dubai.  The lifestyle and the architecture is fabulous.  The two hotels that we have been staying in are really beautiful and it has been interesting to reflect on how the people working in the hotels have been, in terms of their behaviours and service given.  First of all the mix of nationalities is astonishing, a waiter from Zimbabwe another from Kazakhstan – the diversity is delightful.

The people working at the first hotel greeted us like long lost friends.  We immediately felt at ease, nothing was too much trouble.  When we needed some support to get our technology buzzing a great IT support guy – Sangheet – went above and beyond our expectations.  People greeted us in corridors and in the restaurants.  We also saw a supervisor handling a disgruntled guest with the utmost courtesy and charm, great to see such expertise.

The second hotel was different, it was really concerned with its processes in terms of taking guarantees via our credit cards and totally unconcerned with how we were after a trip from Abu Dhabi – so in other words a relationship was not built with us.   Our next comparison was again how we could get high speed internet going.  Here the guy dealing with technology could not be winkled out of his office and instead talked through an intermediary.  She was charming but it was clear she was a bit embarrassed.  The main restaurant has been a notable exception with great service and banter with the team.  Then came our banqueting contact and whilst our lady was very efficient, she was again more focused on the financial processes.  Vicki and I felt as though we were not trustworthy!  So again the process was key and the relationship faltered.  When I pointed this out our lady could not really see it from the customers’ perspective.

I am wondering where this marked difference in approach comes from.  I can only think that it comes from the general managers of the hotels.   I would really have loved to have a chat with them!

It got me thinking about HR departments where processes and policies are placed before people.  HR really does need to re-invent itself to ensure it is agile and able to give the high quality support that all organisations need in this fast paced, ever changing world.  Good people with the right skills and attitudes will be highly sought after.  Good quality people will give organisations a competitive edge over their rivals.  So my thought for you today is are you up for the challenge?

Here is another reminder about our final Circle of Peers dates for the rest of the year.

November 21st    Dubai              09:00 – 15:00       Circle of Peers Conference – FULLY BOOKED

November 24th    Isle of Man    17:30 onwards        Circle of Peers Casual Networking

November 25th    Isle of Man    12:00 – 14:30          Resilience – can it be developed?

November 27th    Reigate           09:00 – 14:00         Resilience – can it be developed?

December 1st        Gibraltar        17:30 onwards       Circle of Peers Casual Networking

December 2nd     Gibraltar        12:00 – 14:30          Resilience – can it be developed?

December 7th       London           17:30 onwards        Circle of Peers Casual Networking

December 21st     London           17:30 onwards        Circle of Peers Casual Networking