Today is going to be a day when we all exercise our rights as British Citizens.  Some of us will vote and some won’t.  I do wonder whether we realise how privileged we are to be British.  This thought crossed my mind when I witnessed Gina formally become a British Citizen.  Carol, Vicki, Simone and I were delighted to be invited by Gina.

The ceremony was held at Eastbourne Town Hall in a fabulous room with Jane Nash, Registration Officer who led the ceremony.  She was excellent with just the right touch of gravitas.  Her words made me realise how we sometimes do forget that we are a British family, and that citizenship of the United Kingdom means that the state is a union of nations, beliefs and common civic values.

Jane also described what a British Citizen means:

  • demonstrate tolerance and respect for others
  • seek to play a full part in the life of the local community
  • play their part in the democratic processes
  • care for their local community
  • serve in a voluntary capacity
  • work together to make a friendly, prosperous and safe place to be proud to live in

It is good to be reminded of these points and whilst writing this blog I have thought about how Cullen Scholefield and our people uphold this.  We are delighted to work with our local community when we support the Haywards Heath and District Business Association (HHDBA).  I chair the organisation and Gina and Vicki play an active part.  Gina with her camera fully utilising her artistic eye and Vicki the demon organiser!!

I wanted to end the day well, so we went to the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne and did what all good British citizens do – took tea!!  A fabulous afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of working life – good for the soul!!!