It has been one of those weeks really.  I am up at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester. The welcome was charismatically delivered by Peter Cheese and then the keynote, by Professor Sir Gary Cooper CBE to give him his full title, was excellent.  The really good thing is that the whole session was terrific fun!  This as you can imagine, made me smile throughout the whole session.

We are also hoping that by now your Calendar for 2016 has landed on your desk.  This year the whole team collaboratively worked on the concept, content and creation.  We also managed to put in a pinch of continuous improvement – courtesy of John Hockaday!   This challenged our lovely printer – Steve Rooney of Generation Press.  We had great discussions about the costs of production and his desire to do the best for us.

This truly collaborative way of working has demonstrated to me so clearly that old ways of working have gone and Cullen Scholefield is, as ever, ahead of the game in terms of embracing and celebrating change.

A challenge for you now….   You have the ability to customise your calendar.  You will notice that at the top of the map of the world the calendar appears to be unstuck.  This is deliberate!  As you open it you will see that there is an empty picture frame saying Inspire Me.   You can slip a photo into the frame!

To encourage your creativity we are challenging you to a Competition.

We look forward to your entries!!

Here is another reminder about our final Circle of Peers dates for the rest of the year.

November 10th    London          10:00 – 15:00          Resilience – can it be developed?
November 14th    Abu Dhabi    09:00 – 15:00          Circle of Peers Conference
November 21th    Dubai              09:00 – 15:00         Circle of Peers Conference
November 24th    Isle of Man    17:30 onwards        Circle of Peers Casual Networking
November 25th    Isle of Man    12:00 – 14:30          Resilience – can it be developed?
November 27th    Reigate           09:00 – 14:00         Resilience – can it be developed?
December 1st        Gibraltar        17:30 onwards       Circle of Peers Casual Networking
December 2nd     Gibraltar        12:00 – 14:30          Resilience – can it be developed?
December 7th       London           17:30 onwards        Circle of Peers Casual Networking
December 21st     London           17:30 onwards        Circle of Peers Casual Networking