2020 once seemed such a long way away and yet in less than 5 years we will be there!

I will be facilitating a strategic planning session later this week. I have been mulling over the approach I will take with the owners of this young company that’s now 2 years old – I was with them at its birth!

My holiday reading has included Linda Holbeche’s The Agile Organisation.The Agile Organisation

Figure 3.1: Component activities of organisational agility and resilience, is particularly useful. It is a wheel with Agile people and culture at the hub and four quadrants:

The Four Quadrants

• Agile strategizing – ethical and agile thinking practices and routines

• Agile operations – innovation and agile implementation

• Agile linkages – collaborative capabilities

• Agile people practices – mutual and fair employment relationships

Each quadrant has a number of statements – an ideal structure to get my clients to reflect on their current business in order to identify what they wish to achieve by 2020.

So why the Health and Wellbeing link? Those of you who have been following what I have been up to will have determined some change in my activities…

I stumbled on a site called 2020 Decade of Health and Wellbeing. This organisation has identified five ways to Health
and Wellbeing. These are:

Great advice for Health and Wellbeing – simple and to the point. I reflected that I was more than fine in four areas.

I recognised that my change really has focused on one of the areas that they have highlighted. Yes! It is to be active! You may be shocked, as I often say I can exhaust most 30 year olds!

So I am now swimming a mile a day and the energy it has released is amazing. My team are a bit worried – quite rightly!!!